Produktion und Text SARAH WETZLMAYER  I  Fotografie MARLENE MAUTNER

When the 24 year  old fragile and somehow etheric looking artist Anouk Lamm Anouk told us that she managed to carry the giant black lamb she once sew to the second floor al  by herself, we were pretty sure that our  first impression was right:
This  can not be real. This flat must be  a  parallel universe, where  lambs, with their power of purity and innocence reign an  cats and dogs drink a  lovely glass of wine together. But it was – in a way that, as small girls, most of us built up an improvised looking shed in the livingroom and used to lie there imagining that animals could actually talk and that we would all fall through a rabbit hole sooner or later.
Since she started drawing at the age of two, Anouk ’s way always seemed to be a predestined one. At this age she didn ’t know, however, that on this way she will be accompanied by a  herd of white and black lambs. Carried by this mysterious flock she was taken to the University of Art in Vienna, as well as to the UDK Berlin. The Austrian artist Franz Graf asked her to bring one of her giant black lambs to show it at his exhibition in Vienna ’s 21 er Haus in 2014.
The world Anouk creates with her drawings, her installations and objects is one that immediately draws you in a fairyland that makes you dream about the time when you could still believe that your grandma ’s cat would talk to you someday. Having to leave this parallel cosmos felt like learning to walk again after an hour spent on a trampoline ( however, still quietly hoping that a rabbit hole will openup somewhere).