Die junge Londoner Künstlerin Faye Wei Wei liebt die große Leinwand – ihr Tor zu einer sehr persönlichen Welt voll von emotional aufgeladener Symbolik, Metaphern, formverändernden Wesen und gefühlvoller Hingabe. Wir haben uns mit ihr über ihre Arbeit unterhalten, auch wenn diese in ihrer verspielten Direktheit letztlich am besten für sich selbst spricht.

 You are still very young, but is there a predominant memory or a certain moment where you knew you were evolving into an artist?

Art was always my favourite subject in school, I think making things has always just felt really good and right and natural for me. I loved being in the art studios more than anything and would stay till 10pm after school to paint. I also begged for permission from my teachers to let me paint instead of doing sports, they made an exception for me …luckily.


What is your approach towards art?

 My paintings are incredibly personal, they know things I don’t. They serve as parts of my memory, every time I encounter one of my paintings I can feel the exact emotions I was feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s quite a painful rush back to that moment.

   Is there a subject or motif in your work that is reoccurring, a thread that runs through your work?If so, where do you think does this influence come from?

I have many recurring motifs in my work, lately a lot of flowers, maybe because I’m blooming.


Big and colorful paintings tend to affect beholders sensual perceptions. Are formal aspects something you consciously play with?

I’m obsessed with cinema and going to the movies, I think that’s where I get the sense of scale that I delight in. I like the feeling that you’re being engulfed by my world. It’s such a pleasure to be surrounded by my own creatures all day in the studio. 

 How did it feel when you sold your first painting - rewarding or wistful?

It felt sad, but I need to do so to support myself and my work. If I could I would hoard all of them, but it is also incredibly rewarding and a beautiful feeling when someone loves the work so much and chooses to live with the imagery everyday. In that way it’s a lovely gift and I hope they are treasured by people.


 What’s coming up next for you?
Hopefully more things in Hong Kong – China is my parent’s home country – some residencies, a book, more and more paintings of course.

 Many thanks, dear FAYE.